Just me & my certified organic, free range, GF, dairy-free & soy free coconut.

Just me & my certified organic, free range, GF, dairy-free & soy free coconut.

Hi, I'm Colette

I like exploring how society and culture shape the marketing, media and retail trends impacting my life (and Instagram feed). I'm a Toronto-based marketing professional by day, and an "above average" consumer & shopper 24/7. I realized that my friends and I loved dissecting (& sometimes mocking) consumer culture - like identifying the direct to consumer brands that use sans serif fonts, and debating the legitimacy of health & wellness "trends" pitched to us through a VSCO-filtered reality. 

My blog is an exploration of why do we follow, like and buy the things that we do? I'm most interested in how these trends manifest itself in the retail, CPG and health & wellness industries.

Hopefully my blog will push you to look at ordinary things in a different way. And maybe you'll go ahead and buy that turmeric latte - but at least you can laugh at yourself as you post a picture of it on Instagram.

I was born in Boston, raised in Singapore and Vancouver and now call Toronto home. I share this bit of history as these places are reflected in my personality today. From Singapore, the tiny island of the skyscrapers and never-ending malls, I get my competitiveness (see "kiasu") and I consider eating and shopping an Olympic-worthy sport. My West Coast upbringing means that I find Ontario's use of milk bags repulsive and I'm unable to navigate a city without the presence of mountains. And while I identify as American only by birth, I admit to feeling an odd sense of pride in Marky Mark...

When I’m not writing here or guest-blogging on Foodology I can be found playing volleyball, watering my fiddle leaf fig tree, or planning my next meal with military precision.